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Number Five Project
3-5 York Road

T. 01483 303 646


A detached double fronted house with bay windows, a green front door and low wrought-iron railings over a red-brick wall.  NUMBER FIVE is written in green right above the front door.


By Train

There are two stations in Guildford: Guildford Main and London Road Guildford; London Road station is smaller but is the closest to Number Five so check first if your route passes through it.

Walking from Guildford Main station (10-15 mins):
1. Exit the station via the main front entrance (by platform 1)
2. Turn right out of the station, cross the road, then follow the pavement sharp left, across a bridge, with the busy traffic and YMCA on your right.
3. Do not cross the road and keep following the left-hand pavement as it bends left away from town. When you get to a car park on your left, (before the law-courts and the police station) cross the road on the right at the main crossing and turn right past the job centre, walking uphill, away from the roundabout. (York Rd)

4. Walk across the traffic lights at the top of the hill. We are about 50 yards up on the left-hand side


By bus

Guildford central bus station services routes all over Surrey.  Timetables can be found on Surrey County Council’s website (
With your back to the shopping centre building, leave the left hand end of the bus station. Follow the walkway around the edge of the station, and cross the busy road it opens out onto.
Turn left on the far pavement and walk until the job centre is on your right hand side. At the roundabout, turn right up York Road (the green Job Centre sign is on the corner). Cross the traffic lights at the top of the hill. We are on the left-hand side opposite the start of Quarry Park.


By car

Number Five Project can be approached from several different directions! We therefore recommend that you use a map facility to choose your route. If you plan to approach via the centre of town, please be aware that parts of it are either pedestrianised between 8am and 6pm or have one-way routes; these affect the High Street, North Street and a few adjoining streets. We have minimal parking facilities so if you are dropping off, it’s best to pull up outside and put your hazard lights on!